Scenes From Andersonville

I took a walk today.  I decided I’d better get out there before the sun went down around 5-ish.  I took some pictures, mostly of cute shop window displays, the vibrant leaves, and other cool things. You know what?  I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…

I love Autumn in Andersonville!



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2 responses to “Scenes From Andersonville

  1. Psychedelikat,

    I really like your pictures of Lake Michigan. Even though Lansdowne is not too far away from the Atlantic coast, I rarely ever get to see great bodies of water, waves, and shore lines these days. It always amazes me at how powerful those waves can be! I really enjoyed your “Vibrant Blue” sky picture. That is my absolute favorite color!

    I also noted you mentioned LeStat de Lioncourt… I just happen to be a big fan, and of course, LeStat is one of my favorite characters! Isn’t Anne Rice great?

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  2. Uh… Psychedelikat? I hadn’t meant to post the above comment here for this post, but in the more recent one containing pictures of Lake Michigan. Sorry about that. -Brother John

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