Dusk at the Shores of Lake Michigan

I rode my trusty Schwinn Breeze to the shores of Lake Michigan this afternoon.  I’d spent most of the day glued to the computer, creating my profile for an online freelance writer’s group.  At times I became frustrated by the lack of options, the verification process, the inability to figure out where the HELL I build a portfolio?   Then my husband came home from class and I discovered that I am experiencing the first stirrings of PMS.  His mere presence was irritating.  I decided that, before I contracted a full-blown case of Prehistoric Monster Syndrome, I should take a ride down to the lake and cool off.  

Not surprisingly, it was just a wee bit cooler than cool.  It was frigid, with a sharp north wind blowing.  I hit the bike path after crossing a busy street, dodging opening car doors and the Number 92 bus.  Soon, though, I was rewarded for my efforts. The lake’s horizon emerged: hundreds of white caps erupted in confetti as they collided with the seawall.  It was beautiful.  

I whipped out my ancient HP735 and started snapping as many photos as I could.  I had to hurry.  Not only was it cold, the sun was at a perfectly orange angle for late afternoon photos.  Plus, this dinosaur sucks the juice out of batteries faster than LeStat de Lioncourt could suck a body dry.  

So without further ado, I give you, the shores of Lake Michigan.


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2 responses to “Dusk at the Shores of Lake Michigan

  1. Having endured “PMS” with my wife Cup Cake I can attest to the meaning of the word:

    “Pack My Suitcase!”


  2. Psychedelikat,

    I really like your pictures of Lake Michigan. Even though Lansdowne is not too far away from the Atlantic coast, I rarely ever get to see great bodies of water, waves, and shore lines these days. It always amazes me at how powerful those waves can be! I really enjoyed your “Vibrant Blue” sky picture. That is my absolute favorite color!

    I also noted you mentioned LeStat de Lioncourt… I just happen to be a big fan, and of course, LeStat is one of my favorite characters! Isn’t Anne Rice great?

    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

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