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The Naked Bird

Anyone who is a fan of the iconic comedy series, Friends, will understand what I mean when I say, gimme some grilled cheese. I’ve never looked at the bird in quite the same way since I saw the episode where Monica and Joey get their heads stuck in a naked, plucked turkey.  Seriously.  

That is not to say I don’t eat turkey.  I’m just kinda, sorta, all turkeyed-out.  I ate so much turkey last night and today that I have a desire for something different.  I have a yen, a hankering, if you will, for a hunk of cheese.  Guernsey, cheese curds, Provolone, Swiss.  And Chedder.  Oh, and Brie.  I gotta get me some Brie; that beautiful French spreadable cheese eaten with sweet fruit!  

Admittedly, I’m hungry right now.  I had pumpkin bread with home made whipped cream for a pre-breakfast snack at 6:00am.  Twice.  Then, around 9 I had some turkey, gravy and stuffing.  Around 11-ish, I had a slice of banana nut bread slathered with butter (not margarine!)  It’s past 4 and I feel as though I haven’t eaten a thing yet today. And I’ll probably eat turkey.  And more pumpkin bread.  And more of the spinach salad with cranberries and mandarin oranges.  And more gravy.  Oh, and the brown sugar cookies my husband made…or is it just the uncooked dough?  Whichever, It’ll probably end up in my mouth one way or another.  

Oh man, I gotta go eat now.


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