The Naked Bird

Anyone who is a fan of the iconic comedy series, Friends, will understand what I mean when I say, gimme some grilled cheese. I’ve never looked at the bird in quite the same way since I saw the episode where Monica and Joey get their heads stuck in a naked, plucked turkey.  Seriously.  

That is not to say I don’t eat turkey.  I’m just kinda, sorta, all turkeyed-out.  I ate so much turkey last night and today that I have a desire for something different.  I have a yen, a hankering, if you will, for a hunk of cheese.  Guernsey, cheese curds, Provolone, Swiss.  And Chedder.  Oh, and Brie.  I gotta get me some Brie; that beautiful French spreadable cheese eaten with sweet fruit!  

Admittedly, I’m hungry right now.  I had pumpkin bread with home made whipped cream for a pre-breakfast snack at 6:00am.  Twice.  Then, around 9 I had some turkey, gravy and stuffing.  Around 11-ish, I had a slice of banana nut bread slathered with butter (not margarine!)  It’s past 4 and I feel as though I haven’t eaten a thing yet today. And I’ll probably eat turkey.  And more pumpkin bread.  And more of the spinach salad with cranberries and mandarin oranges.  And more gravy.  Oh, and the brown sugar cookies my husband made…or is it just the uncooked dough?  Whichever, It’ll probably end up in my mouth one way or another.  

Oh man, I gotta go eat now.



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3 responses to “The Naked Bird

  1. Happy day after Turkey Day!!

    This Thanksgiving is tough for many with the downturn of our economy. However, even in the roughest time, we can all find things to be thankful for, like family. That is, if you like your family. If not, be thankful that within a couple days, the family will return home… or you will return home if you’re visiting the in-laws.

    Oh, I know… you can be glad that you’re not the turkey that was being slaughtered behind Sarah Palin during her post-turkey pardoning interview, earlier in the week!

    During this time of year, I recall a Thanksgiving episode of WKRP in Cincinnati. From what I have been able to gather, it was a true incident and was loosely based on an actual incident at a Georgia Shopping Center. Evidently turkeys dropped from helicopters cannot fly and come raining down much like sacks of laden cement.

    Not very pretty.

    Enjoy and Happy latent Turkey Day to you and yours! (we had fried chicken and a piece of corn on the cob) When you ride your bike on the lake trails, how many miles.

    I am doing 15 miles per day, every other day now.


  2. Thanks BCO! I used to watch WKRP as a kid and I think I vaguely remember that one. When I ride, I usually go for at least an hour at a casual or brisk pace. Never fast. Usually, though, I’m dodging traffic down Clark, Damon, Southport, or any one of the other equally busy city streets here. Many have designated bike lanes. Others say, “Share the road.” Still others (closer to the suburbs) are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs! I’m not sure how many miles “an hour at a brisk pace” translates into, but I know I’m looking better than I did three months ago!

  3. Here you go, I found it for you:

    Yes you are, looking a lot better.
    (think about this one for awhile)


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