Translating my posts

Ok, here’s something I found that is freakin’ hilarious.  Well, I didn’t just find it, more like I “rediscovered” it.  

For hours upon hours of reading entertainment, go to  Highlight or enter text you want translated from English into a different language.  Japanese is the absolute best to do this with.  Then, when the translated text comes up, highlight and copy it, and re-enter it into the translation box below (after you’ve cleared it again.)  Translate it from the translated language back into English.  Got it? Ok, here’s an example.  (I’m translating this paragraph to Japanese, then back to English from the Japanese text)

Japanese text:  

  1. 何時間も読書催し物の時間に、に行きなさい。 あなたが別の言語に英語から翻訳されてほしいテキストを強調するか、または書き入れなさい。 日本語はこれをとのすることよい絶対的存在である。 それから翻訳されたテキストが上がるとき、ハイライトはそれをコピーし、次翻訳箱に入力し直し、(you’の後で; veはそれを再度取り除いた。) 英語に再び翻訳された言語からのそれを翻訳しなさい。 それを得られるか。 わかりました例:

And here we go back to English:

  1. Many times in time of book-reading entertainments, go to Emphasize the text which you want being translated in another language from English, or write. Japanese doing that this is good absolute existence. Then when the text which is translated rises, highlight to copy that, do again to input to the next translation box, (you’ Afterwards; ve removed that for the second time.) Translate that from the language which is translated again in English. You can obtain that? It was understood, here’ s example:

It’s fun.  And so I’ve decided to translate an entire post into this new kind of language that is but isn’t English.  I have chosen to translate “The Naked Bird.”  I haven’t yet translated it so we will see how that goes…

(for reference, please read the original post from a couple days ago.)

I when say, I, gimme the cheese which is burnt, the friend, understand anyone who is the fan of the thing picture comedy series which is meant. Turkey’ where as for me never I died, expose [monika] and Joey;

After looking at the episode which obtains their heads above, you did not look at the bird in the same way; The bat of s. Seriously. That is not to say that I do not eat the turkey. Sorta and all turkeyed-out exactly just a little there is I.

I last night eat the turkey so, possess the craving for that another something of today. I, possess the yearning to the big lump of circle and the cheese. The Guernsey cheese card, Provolone, the Swiss person. And Chedder. Well, and [buri]. I obtained the fact that [buri] is obtained in me; The sweet fruit that you can eat beautiful French spreadable cheese!

Clearly, I now am hungry. As for me 6: With 00 AM the pumpkin pan where [uitsupukurimu] which you can do depending upon lightly the house for the food of front breakfast has been attached was eaten. Two degrees. Then, approximately 9 I the turkey, the gravy and possessed the fact that it is plugged. Around 11-ish, as for me the butter of the being cut off which it possesses (the margarine which is not!)With as that was, past 4 however me today not eaten thing, I feel the nut pan of the banana which was painted thickly.

And I eat the turkey perhaps. And many pumpkin pans. And the clan very and the spinach salad where the mandarin orange has been attached it is many. And many gravies. My husband…It makes, or don’t you think? or that exactly the raw saw, the cookie of the red sugar which is the powder and well? That somehow perhaps, as for those which arrive with which in my mouth. The fact that the

Oh person, I now eat and go was obtained.

Here’s a translation From English to Chinese back to English.  For some reason, I kinda like this translation better…

Is the idol comedy series fan’s person, the friend, will understand that any I meant when I did say, gimme some roast the cheese. I never look at the bird similarly, since I looked at Monica and Joey obtain their death, naked turkey’ Head’s plot; s butt. Serious.

That was not said that I did not eat the turkey. I a little am, sorta, all turkeyed-out. I have eaten the turkey last night, and that I have a different matter’s desire today. I have one Japanese Yen, the expectation, if you, cheese thick piece. Guernsey, the cheese milk curd, the proletariat lies the cheese, the Swiss. And Chedder. Oh and the salt taste does the cheese. I obtain my some salt tastes to do the cheese; That beautiful France may spread cheese living expenses sweet fruit! Indeed, I am now hungry.

I edible have done before the family hit the good cream the pumpkin bread the breakfast fast-food in 6:00 morning. Two times. Then, about 9 I have some turkeys, the gravy and stuff. Nearby 11-ish, I have the slice banana kernel bread to spread with the butter (am not thick margarine!) It was the past 4, and I felt, probably I have not eaten the thing, today. And I probably will eat the turkey. And more pumpkin breads. And the more spinach salads use the vine orange and the orange. And more gravy. Oh and my husband does…Perhaps it has not boiled pasta brown sugar cookie? Which, it in mine mouth, regardless of how probably result.

Oh the human, I obtains present to eat.

Like I said, many hours of reading entertainment. 

For even more fun, check out  Some of those things there are hilarious!


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3 responses to “Translating my posts

  1. dyricci

    OMG that is hil-AR-ious!! I can’t wait, I can’t wait!
    Oh, and by the way…thank you for contributing to my already long list of Ways to Cook Cybercrack for One. I’m never going to finish my book this way! lol

    Also, thanks for your comment over on Dy’s Mind’s Eye…really. Nice to hear from you again! 🙂

  2. dyricci

    Hey, almost forgot…
    For more cybercrack fun…

    Have you tried Wordle ( It makes word clouds out of the text you input and you can change the font, the number of words used in the cloud, the color scheme…etc. It’s loads of fun! I’ve been making word clouds of every section of my NaNoWriMo story (you can see some of mine here: ) and I’ve been taking a Hypersnap of them to store on my own ‘puter…who knows what I’ll do with them…

  3. Thanks a bunch! I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

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