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I was born in the sunset of the 60’s.  God, I love being a Gen X’er!  Why?  I will tell you.  Because I ended up being a teenager in the 80’s, when the 50’s and 60’s were regurgitated stylistically into something that was actually tolerable.  Granted, the 80’s gave us frilly socks worn with heels, poofy mini-skirts with lots of netting and bounce, and we had Madonna, and Cher in those monstrosities she called clothes. Oh yeah, and the “just woke up and stirred it with the stick” hair. My sophomore picture was taken at the height of Duranie-mania.  I tried to make my hair resemble John Taylor’s.  If you don’t know who John Taylor is, watch the “Do They Know It’s Christmastime” video at the end of my post, “Chaos.”  He’s the dude wearing the red and black sweatshirt with white words “Duran Duran” on the front.  He’s also playing the bass guitar.  And Simon LeBon.  I drooled over him.  *sigh* Anyway….enough of the 80’s.  

I actually came here to post something from the 60’s, a song that was used in a 90’s movie, Pulp Fiction.  You see, a few days ago, I saw a Harley Davidson belching down the road and remembered a scene from that movie….

“Who’s motorcycle is this?”

“It’s a chopper, baby.”

“Who’s chopper is this?”

“It’s Zed’s.”

“Who’s Zed?”

“Zed’s dead, baby.  Zed’s dead.”  LOUD REVVING OF MOTOR…..and then the soundtrack blends into “Bullwinkle,”  one of the coolest songs on the planet.  The 60’s had such great music.  The decade had the standard excellence (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dylan, Doors, Joplin, etc.), but it had great songs by lesser-known and less-remembered artists, and Pulp Fiction gave those songs new life, and caused a renewed interest in the music of that decade. 

But, I’m not gonna put up a Bullwinkle youtube video.  I am feeling kinda like the Dusty Springfield flavor right now. God, the hair, the clothes, the set design!  GAG!  But you know something?  It screams, “I am  a woman of the 60’s!  I am required to wear my hair big and poofy with ten pounds of hair spray!  I have to wear upholstery and look like a tree while performing one of the greatest songs!  Or perhaps I have to look like a silly pirate, with huge bell sleeves, and hip-hugging corduroys! Or maybe we’ll wear military-inspired double breasted jackets with loud, striped pants and ankle boots!”  (Anyone remember The Monkees?)

I’m glad I was born at the end of all that.  At least the 80’s were fairly benign by comparison.   Our only problem?  We wanted to be taken seriously, but we were so cynical and lazy. And we didn’t really have enemies.  Sure there was Russia, but that ended and Gorbachev ended up being Time Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1988.  And how much of a threat was Khaddafi?  You know, the Libyan dude who used to dress like Michael Jackson?  Yeah, him.  

How I envy today’s generation. They have actual problems to worry about.  

And so, in honor of my random ramblings that don’t really mean anything (typical Gen X’er.), I give you,
Dusty Springfield, dressed as a glittery tree.



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5 responses to “More Fun

  1. Gawd, was it really that long ago … let me see, the sixties, yeah, forty-nine years? The Sixties were really good to me, I don’t remember a lot of it, but I was there.

    Then there was the Seventies, wasn’t that the first Rocky Movie? Eighties Disco, was Disco in the Eighties? Nineties, Grecko, Wall Street, Greed is Good ……..

    Was it that long ago?

    I still have my original copy of Lawerence Welk Remembers Woodstock for cryin’ out loud.

    Here name was Rosie,
    It was the copa,
    the copa cabanna ….

    Friends do not allow friends to play Barry Manilow.

  2. Ha ha! Actually disco was the 70’s, and 80’s was the era of the “new romantics.” Pop, big hair bands, and Michael Jackson. 90’s were grunge, but Grecko sounds good enough.

    I think my parents owned that Lawrence Welk album.

    Oh, and it was Lola, but you can say Rosie…just don’t sing Mandy! (vomits)

  3. dyricci

    Haha, Disco 80’s? lol

    80’s was new wave & batcave (yeay!) and bad top 40 like The Jets (gag me with a spoon, totallly!)
    90’s grunge & “real” hip hop (not like now)…what’s grecko??

    I’m a 60’s baby too, tho’ just barely a Gen Xer (1.0 model). So, yeah…80’s was high school for me too.

    And let me tell you…Oooo…John Taylor is still hot, hot, hot! *sigh*

    I even like him scruffy…I mean, that jawline, those fingers! Yummy…

    Cute one with his Obama t-shirt (too bad the mic is in his face)

    Dusty was more my Aunt’s music…my mom was into Dylan, Biaz & PP&M…

  4. LOL, I think my parents were neither Dusty Springfield, nor Dylan. Instead, they listened to what is now called “elevator music.” Example: my mother idolized the Carpenters and Elvis Presley. Elvis I can dig, but the Carpenters?

    *Why do birds suddenly appear,
    Every time you are near?
    Just like me,
    they long to be…*
    gagging me with a spoon!

    And girl, thank you, thank you, thank you for that link! John Taylor in an Obama shirt? I think I need a fainting couch….*swoons*

  5. Yeah, it was “Lola” her name was Lola, she was a hooker in a truckstop in Elko, Nevada, no wait, a Keno Runner in Reno ……

    Where is my medicine?

    As for the “romantic’s” not a clue … clueless in the Heart Land.

    Have a great weekend.

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