Home-Made Christmas

I’ve been busy as a bee making things for christmas.  I’d like some opinions of people who read my site about the stuff I’m making.  I have a pretty good idea what I’m making for my nieces – mostly little purses and journals with cute covers.  I used an idea I found in the book Fabric Leftovers and I’m loving the results! I’m also considering “Dammit Dolls” for the older kids and maybe my brothers! 

However, I have no idea if I should make something for the nephews or just get them a cool book.  Any crafty ideas for 15 and 11 year old boys would be great!  So far, here’s what I’ve got:


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3 responses to “Home-Made Christmas

  1. dyricci

    Hi Trina!

    I definately love the hats I’ve seen you do…the grey is expecially pretty and versitle…but then, I’m a hat person and have a plethora of my own collected over the years!

    The patchwork thing has got a lot of potential (though I don’t know about for the 15 & 11 y.o. boys. they’re hard…sorry I don’t have any ideas for you there.) A twist on the purses/wallets for girls/women could be cell phone covers/cases…even a set like a check-book cover and cell case in the same scraps. Also I think patchwork placemats and kitchen things (potholders, trim for tea towels…etc) would be kind cool, depending on how you designed the scaps together to make your designs.

  2. Ooooooh, I didn’t even think about that! Cool idea! Thanks!

  3. Cool idea! I think I’m doing it!

    Thanks for adding my blog link!

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