A Governor Worthy of a Song…

Rod Blagojevich is a nasty, blisterous pustule on the face of Illinois and must be scrubbed from every crevice of our political skin at once.

And he lives just a mile from my home. Should I? Toilet paper his lawn? Nah….he’s not worth wasting a good roll. After all, we are experiencing a recession.

And if you have problems pronouncing his name, as I did when I first moved here, simply yell, “Blech! OY, a bitch!”

And so, in honor of his birthday, which was yesterday, by the way, I give you a song by Weird Al. (the guy in the video isn’t Weird Al, just a guy I thought was hilarious)



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2 responses to “A Governor Worthy of a Song…

  1. The Governor will see you now … Please have your checkbook handy

    Corruption has tainted politics in Chicago (Illinois in general) since the prohibition days and Albert Scarface Capone, but the arrest Tuesday of Illinois Governor Brad Blagojevich revealed alleged conspiracy and bribery schemes so brazen that the veteran investigators and prosecutors could barely hold their revulsion.

    Government for sale .. to the highest bidder, the American Way, kind of makes you proud doesn’t it? Shades of Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. When the highway patrol stopped you there, they would say, “Have your wife get out of the car, so the governor can frisk her.” […]

  2. LMAO, that’s kinda funny. Actually, people here in Chicago HATE him. I think he has something like a 4% approval rating, total. They want him gone, but yet, he just doesn’t get it. After only four months here, I already suspect “he ain’t all there,” to quote Dirty Steve from “Young Guns.”

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