My New Business

I will be starting an online business selling my creations around February (or sooner if there’s enough interest). I’ll be making book covers (with blank journals, if wanted), handbags, hats and capes.

Here are a few of the things I’ve made so far. They’re gifts, but I can easily make others to replicate closely. As the time draws nearer, I will post my URL for the site I will officially sell from.

Enjoy, and please leave comments telling me what you think!



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5 responses to “My New Business

  1. dyricci

    Hi Trina!

    Yeay! Congrats!

    btw…I think some sort of logo/drawing including “Smith, the Cat” would be cute on your tags or webstore page…He sure seems to want to be a part of the whole “silent partner” thing, dontcha think?


  2. dyricci

    And oh!

    Hope you had a GREEEAAAT Holiday…and that you’re New Year’s Eve is FABulous! (and safe!)

    Blessings from Seattle…

  3. Oh, yeah! My business name is going to be Psychedelikat. (Psychic-deli-cat? Psyche-delicate? Psychedelic cat?) I came up with this pseudonym many years ago when looking at my other cat, Niles (who is still in Texas waiting for me to bring him here at my in-laws who love him!) Niles is a fat, black tabby with a wide face and lazy disposition, except when it comes to food and wiggly toys.

  4. Oh, and thanks! Our Christmas was great! We’re heading to the Museum of Modern Art today, and then to celebrate the eve of the new year tonight. Be safe yourself! 😀

  5. Looks like you have some winners there, I wish you well and of course, success in your endeavors.

    Check this out:



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