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Home-Made Christmas

I’ve been busy as a bee making things for christmas.  I’d like some opinions of people who read my site about the stuff I’m making.  I have a pretty good idea what I’m making for my nieces – mostly little purses and journals with cute covers.  I used an idea I found in the book Fabric Leftovers and I’m loving the results! I’m also considering “Dammit Dolls” for the older kids and maybe my brothers! 

However, I have no idea if I should make something for the nephews or just get them a cool book.  Any crafty ideas for 15 and 11 year old boys would be great!  So far, here’s what I’ve got:


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More Fun

I was born in the sunset of the 60’s.  God, I love being a Gen X’er!  Why?  I will tell you.  Because I ended up being a teenager in the 80’s, when the 50’s and 60’s were regurgitated stylistically into something that was actually tolerable.  Granted, the 80’s gave us frilly socks worn with heels, poofy mini-skirts with lots of netting and bounce, and we had Madonna, and Cher in those monstrosities she called clothes. Oh yeah, and the “just woke up and stirred it with the stick” hair. My sophomore picture was taken at the height of Duranie-mania.  I tried to make my hair resemble John Taylor’s.  If you don’t know who John Taylor is, watch the “Do They Know It’s Christmastime” video at the end of my post, “Chaos.”  He’s the dude wearing the red and black sweatshirt with white words “Duran Duran” on the front.  He’s also playing the bass guitar.  And Simon LeBon.  I drooled over him.  *sigh* Anyway….enough of the 80’s.  

I actually came here to post something from the 60’s, a song that was used in a 90’s movie, Pulp Fiction.  You see, a few days ago, I saw a Harley Davidson belching down the road and remembered a scene from that movie….

“Who’s motorcycle is this?”

“It’s a chopper, baby.”

“Who’s chopper is this?”

“It’s Zed’s.”

“Who’s Zed?”

“Zed’s dead, baby.  Zed’s dead.”  LOUD REVVING OF MOTOR…..and then the soundtrack blends into “Bullwinkle,”  one of the coolest songs on the planet.  The 60’s had such great music.  The decade had the standard excellence (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dylan, Doors, Joplin, etc.), but it had great songs by lesser-known and less-remembered artists, and Pulp Fiction gave those songs new life, and caused a renewed interest in the music of that decade. 

But, I’m not gonna put up a Bullwinkle youtube video.  I am feeling kinda like the Dusty Springfield flavor right now. God, the hair, the clothes, the set design!  GAG!  But you know something?  It screams, “I am  a woman of the 60’s!  I am required to wear my hair big and poofy with ten pounds of hair spray!  I have to wear upholstery and look like a tree while performing one of the greatest songs!  Or perhaps I have to look like a silly pirate, with huge bell sleeves, and hip-hugging corduroys! Or maybe we’ll wear military-inspired double breasted jackets with loud, striped pants and ankle boots!”  (Anyone remember The Monkees?)

I’m glad I was born at the end of all that.  At least the 80’s were fairly benign by comparison.   Our only problem?  We wanted to be taken seriously, but we were so cynical and lazy. And we didn’t really have enemies.  Sure there was Russia, but that ended and Gorbachev ended up being Time Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1988.  And how much of a threat was Khaddafi?  You know, the Libyan dude who used to dress like Michael Jackson?  Yeah, him.  

How I envy today’s generation. They have actual problems to worry about.  

And so, in honor of my random ramblings that don’t really mean anything (typical Gen X’er.), I give you,
Dusty Springfield, dressed as a glittery tree.


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Translating my posts

Ok, here’s something I found that is freakin’ hilarious.  Well, I didn’t just find it, more like I “rediscovered” it.  

For hours upon hours of reading entertainment, go to  Highlight or enter text you want translated from English into a different language.  Japanese is the absolute best to do this with.  Then, when the translated text comes up, highlight and copy it, and re-enter it into the translation box below (after you’ve cleared it again.)  Translate it from the translated language back into English.  Got it? Ok, here’s an example.  (I’m translating this paragraph to Japanese, then back to English from the Japanese text)

Japanese text:  

  1. 何時間も読書催し物の時間に、に行きなさい。 あなたが別の言語に英語から翻訳されてほしいテキストを強調するか、または書き入れなさい。 日本語はこれをとのすることよい絶対的存在である。 それから翻訳されたテキストが上がるとき、ハイライトはそれをコピーし、次翻訳箱に入力し直し、(you’の後で; veはそれを再度取り除いた。) 英語に再び翻訳された言語からのそれを翻訳しなさい。 それを得られるか。 わかりました例:

And here we go back to English:

  1. Many times in time of book-reading entertainments, go to Emphasize the text which you want being translated in another language from English, or write. Japanese doing that this is good absolute existence. Then when the text which is translated rises, highlight to copy that, do again to input to the next translation box, (you’ Afterwards; ve removed that for the second time.) Translate that from the language which is translated again in English. You can obtain that? It was understood, here’ s example:

It’s fun.  And so I’ve decided to translate an entire post into this new kind of language that is but isn’t English.  I have chosen to translate “The Naked Bird.”  I haven’t yet translated it so we will see how that goes…

(for reference, please read the original post from a couple days ago.)

I when say, I, gimme the cheese which is burnt, the friend, understand anyone who is the fan of the thing picture comedy series which is meant. Turkey’ where as for me never I died, expose [monika] and Joey;

After looking at the episode which obtains their heads above, you did not look at the bird in the same way; The bat of s. Seriously. That is not to say that I do not eat the turkey. Sorta and all turkeyed-out exactly just a little there is I.

I last night eat the turkey so, possess the craving for that another something of today. I, possess the yearning to the big lump of circle and the cheese. The Guernsey cheese card, Provolone, the Swiss person. And Chedder. Well, and [buri]. I obtained the fact that [buri] is obtained in me; The sweet fruit that you can eat beautiful French spreadable cheese!

Clearly, I now am hungry. As for me 6: With 00 AM the pumpkin pan where [uitsupukurimu] which you can do depending upon lightly the house for the food of front breakfast has been attached was eaten. Two degrees. Then, approximately 9 I the turkey, the gravy and possessed the fact that it is plugged. Around 11-ish, as for me the butter of the being cut off which it possesses (the margarine which is not!)With as that was, past 4 however me today not eaten thing, I feel the nut pan of the banana which was painted thickly.

And I eat the turkey perhaps. And many pumpkin pans. And the clan very and the spinach salad where the mandarin orange has been attached it is many. And many gravies. My husband…It makes, or don’t you think? or that exactly the raw saw, the cookie of the red sugar which is the powder and well? That somehow perhaps, as for those which arrive with which in my mouth. The fact that the

Oh person, I now eat and go was obtained.

Here’s a translation From English to Chinese back to English.  For some reason, I kinda like this translation better…

Is the idol comedy series fan’s person, the friend, will understand that any I meant when I did say, gimme some roast the cheese. I never look at the bird similarly, since I looked at Monica and Joey obtain their death, naked turkey’ Head’s plot; s butt. Serious.

That was not said that I did not eat the turkey. I a little am, sorta, all turkeyed-out. I have eaten the turkey last night, and that I have a different matter’s desire today. I have one Japanese Yen, the expectation, if you, cheese thick piece. Guernsey, the cheese milk curd, the proletariat lies the cheese, the Swiss. And Chedder. Oh and the salt taste does the cheese. I obtain my some salt tastes to do the cheese; That beautiful France may spread cheese living expenses sweet fruit! Indeed, I am now hungry.

I edible have done before the family hit the good cream the pumpkin bread the breakfast fast-food in 6:00 morning. Two times. Then, about 9 I have some turkeys, the gravy and stuff. Nearby 11-ish, I have the slice banana kernel bread to spread with the butter (am not thick margarine!) It was the past 4, and I felt, probably I have not eaten the thing, today. And I probably will eat the turkey. And more pumpkin breads. And the more spinach salads use the vine orange and the orange. And more gravy. Oh and my husband does…Perhaps it has not boiled pasta brown sugar cookie? Which, it in mine mouth, regardless of how probably result.

Oh the human, I obtains present to eat.

Like I said, many hours of reading entertainment. 

For even more fun, check out  Some of those things there are hilarious!


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Barry Unusual Punishment

No, not that Barry.  Not Barack.  I mean, Barry, “Copacabana” Manilow.  Ok, I know I had a list of things to write about, but things change, news happens.

Get this:

Speaking of old and boring…and Barry Manilow, again…the adult-contemporary crooner’s mellow music is now the unexpected cornerstone of a bizarre but apparently effective new plan of justice masterminded by Colorado judge Paul Sacco. Judge Sacco is punishing people who land in court for noise violations (blasting their stereos, rehearsing with bands, hosting raging parties) by sentencing then to an hour-long, high-volume Barry Manilow listening session. Of course, for some Barry fans the prospect of 60 minutes of “Mandy” or “Weekend In New England” might sound absolutely delightful, but for most violators who wind up in Sacco’s courtroom, it’s a cruel and unusual punishment indeed. And just in case any of the offenders emerge from this experience with a new appreciation for Manilow, it seems law officials take surveys after each punishing session. That way, if any of the lawbreakers actually dig a particular Barry song (like, say, “Copacabana”), that ditty is removed from the court-ordered playlist.

I have been waiting so long for something like this to happen!  (For the record, I used to rock out to Copacabana, and still think it’s a cool, albeit cheesy song. Really, it’s eery and creepy, all while being Vegasy and smarmy.  Whenever I think about or hear the words, “Her name was Lola!  She was a show-girl,”  I think of a dimly lit old style western bar.  Hey, man, I was a young kid when this came out, raised on Bonanza, The Big Valley, and The Rifleman!  I didn’t know how things were in Cuba, much less what a show-girl wore, unless you have Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke to use as a reference.  So, that being said, I saw Lola as a Gunsmoke-esque aging barmaid type woman who lives in a ghost town alone and pines for a man she lost long ago.  It’s a creepy song.  I used to get shivers down my spine listening to it, but it’s got an infectious beat.  I love it, it’s so morbidly juicy and the ghostly backup singers who almost whisper, “Copacabaaaaaanaaaaa!”  Seriously, this song wins the Cheese Award hands down.

Now I’ve got that out of the way, I can now give my opinion about this punishment.  I love it.  The punishment fits the crime.  If you’re found guilty of creating a public disturbance through annoying noise, partying, loud music, what better way to mete out punishment than by forcing the offender to listen to Barry Manilow?  Unless the offender is a gay cross-dressing male who idolizes the velvet-swathed crooner (And I know a few), I can imagine this punishment will be just absolute torture.  But why stop at an hour?  Why stop at Manilow?  I can think of a few other “musical entertainers” who may prove to be an even more effective punishment.  Here now, is my Top Ten List of Musicians From Hell. I think I’ll send in my list to Judge Sacco.  It’s the least I can do to help.

  • 10.  Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On. Please, Celine, go on.  In fact, why don’t you just go and leave us normal people alone?  Not only is her music worse than fingernails on a black board (that actually never bothered me), but she’s an annoyingly self-important person.  For such a bony toothpick, she sure is full of herself.  Vegas can keep her.
  • 9.  Starship – We Built This City. I was in high school when this monstrosity came out and let me tell you, it was complete torture.  I honestly, to this day, believe that Grace Slick was either hopped up on drugs, or hell-bent on punishing the world through this song.  Radio Stations blasted it every few minutes and each time it came on, I flipped the channel.  For years I thought it was a man singing!  I guess it’s one good thing about losing my hearing.  I now never have to listen to that annoying song again.
  • 8.  Pat Boone – Anthing he plays.  Do I really need to elaborate?
  • 7.  Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart. The twang! The tenor! The tight jeans! (ok, he has a nice butt) The mullet! The only person I knew who thought this song was great was a black man called “Freak.”  Really.  That’s what all of his friends called him.  Small wonder.  I must admit, though, I enjoy listening to Weird Al’s parody, Achy Breaky Song.
  • 6.  Gipsy Kings – Esto Mundo. If George H.W. Bush loves ’em, there must be something wrong with them.
  • 5.  Whitney Houston – How Will I Know & The Greatest Love of All. Both songs are equally obnoxious and both songs were thrust upon me in high school.  Granted, Whitney has a great voice, but honestly, how many warbled vowels can you inject into a one-syllable word before you start looking like a fool?
  • 4.  New Kids on the Block – Hangin’ Tough. I actually had college friends who loved these guys.  I thought they were all stupid, gay, and ugly.  Not to mention talentless. I hated everything they did as a group.  And yet, I’ve heard that they’ve reunited and will have an album out.  Dear Lord baby Jesus, lyin’ there in your ghost manger, please help us!
  • 3.  Michael Bolton – When A Man Loves a Woman. Michael Bolton is the male version of Whitney Houston, complicating the simplest of songs.  He ruined his share of classics by infusing them with unnecessary musical fluff.  The originals of every song he’s remade were better.
  • 2.  William Hung – She Bangs. Even Ricky Martin has to agree that this mutilation of an already annoying song is just criminal.  The unfortunately named Mr. Hung has no talent, no matter how sweet he is.
  • 1.  And the number one musical entertainer from hell is (drum roll, please…)  Yoko Ono. Seriously, ’nuff said.

Bring them all together and we have the means to conquer the world!  Hey, if Indian Love Call worked for those pesky, murderous Martians, then think of the power we could wield against terrorists with these annoying troubadours!

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Kaossilator & Mini Kaos

I have just fallen in love:

The Kaossilator here

And the mini-Kaos touchpads effects processor here.

Oh! How I want one of each! They make me drool with desire! Maybe just one of one will do, but, they’re a little out of my price range ($200) so for now, I’ll have to satisfy myself with other peoples’ cool youtube videos and sound bites.

Apparently, our Mac Mini has something like this already on it (so my husband says). Now, if only I could find it and figure out how to use it!

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