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The List

Over the last few days I have been mulling over what to post.  So many things to discuss, so little time.  After all, I have gifts to sew, meals to cook, places to go…gotta give the cat attention, the husband the smoochin’, and have time to sleep.  

Because I know I have a tendency towards long-winded ramblings, I’ve decided to keep this post as succinct and to the point as possible.  There’s too many things to post about and not enough time for me to adequately cover them.  So I’m making a list of all topics I plan to touch on in the coming days.  I want and need to do at least two hours of writing per day.  Whether it’s here or somewhere else.  And so I give you my List of things I need to blog about:

  1. My weird-ass dreams – they are always incredibly vivid.  For example, this morning I woke up after dreaming that the snot coming out of my nose looked like a gelatinized metallic gold paint.  Golden goo.  I was going, WTF is wrong with me?  My husband said if that were really the case, if my snot really was made of gold, we’d never have to work again…and he’d need to remember to always treat me well. Imagine that, the girl who blew the golden snot! 
  2. The Tragedies of Black Tuesday (Wal-Mart in New York, and Toys R Us in CA) – Is it really worth it to risk your life (literally) for a bargain?  What happened at Wal-Mart is just one of the glaring examples of why I hate Wal-Mart and will never, ever shop there.  Since I don’t have kids, I can’t really say either way about Toys R Us.  What happened is also a very good reason I never, ever, ever go shopping at major outlets the day after Thanksgiving.  
  3. Chicago and Texas.  I just can’t seem to find the words to describe the differences, there are so many.  My original rant touched on a number of subjects that deserve separate posts, and I intend to do just that…eventually. 
  4. Rush Limbaugh and his ridiculously fallacious pontifications are too much for me to ignore any longer.  I’ve been reading transcripts from his radio show.  Clearly, this man is delusional, as are his devotees. 
  5. Michael Moore – he used to stand for something.  I need to figure out if he still does. 
  6. Waverli Rainey – the 16-year-old girl from the Mat-Su Valley who wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper.  This girl’s got balls and a bright future.
  7. I was going to do Sarah Palin, but you know something?  Helen Philpot has said more than enough for me.  What I’d love to say, she says it better  (if you love Palin, be prepared to no like it.) 
  8. Obama is a Muslim and all other ridiculous Republican rants.  But I think I could do that also under the Rush Limbaugh entry.  
  9. AIG paying managers bonuses as “retention pay.”  Did these buttwipes learn nothing?  I need to investigate this more…

Well, this is where I end my post.

I think I’ll go and blow my nose. Hopefully, I’ll find a bonus in there somewhere.

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