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My Mother’s Day Mustardgate at McD’s

¬†Little did I know that today James would prove himself to be my knight in cargo pants and Skechers. Because we were out of milk and a couple other items, we decided to go to McDonald’s for lunch. I order the grilled chicken club combo.
After getting to my seat, I realized I’d forgotten to ask for some honey mustard sauce. So I went up the counter and asked the guy (who looks like he’s a team leader or something) if I could have a honey mustard. He asked me what I’d ordered and I told him.

Dumb McD’s guy: “Oh, it doesn’t come with it, so I’m going to have to charge you for the sauce.”

Me: “What? I come here all the time and have never been charged for the sauce!”

Dumb McD’s guy:”Well, ma’am, it’s for the chicken nuggets, and the sauce doesn’t go with what you ordered.”

Me: “But I get this all the time and have never been charged for the sauce before.”

Me: “Forget it!” I huffed and walked away in amazed anger.

The guy became very defensive and repeated that my sandwich already has its own sauce on it, and so if I want more he’ll have to charge me for it.

(Let me just add that I often go to this very same McD’s, get the McChicken and honey mustard and have NEVER been charged for it. In fact, I’m sometimes given more than one.)

Naturally, this upset me to no end. Now, I’ve never had an irrational or outwardly emotional outbreak since I’ve gotten pregnant. On the contrary, my pregnancy has been pretty smooth sailing hormone-wise. But as I sat down at the booth today and told James what had happened, I found myself getting teary-eyed! I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown over a tub of honey mustard?

I picked up the bun of my sandwich and saw the big glob of mayo right in the center and my anger flared up again. I took my sandwich to the counter and said in a very controlled voice,

“Please, may I have a honey mustard?”

The guy put it on the counter and said,

“It doesn’t go with what you ordered.”

I grabbed the tub and snapped back,

“Exactly! That’s why I wanted one!”

As I walked away with my prize, the guy yelled,

“But I’m going to have to charge you for it!”

I got back to our booth and found it empty. I thought James had gone to the bathroom in embarrassment or something. At this point, people in the restaurant were giving me funny looks, but I didn’t care. I was so damned focused on getting my honey mustard fix that everything else seemed unimportant!

I looked up at the front counter and noticed James talking briefly to the guy and as he moseyed back he looked a bit satisfied. He saw me opening my treasured sauce and said,

“Oh, you got one.” So I told him what happened. He grinned and nodded, as if to say, “Yeah, that’s my wife!”

I asked him about his conversation with the guy and he smiled and recounted his little chat. It boiled down to this: James asked him about the honey mustard, and the guy gave him a lecture about how the sauces are specifically for the chicken nuggets so if he wanted one he’d have to charge for it. So then James replied,

“You know, can’t you just let her have one? I mean, it’s Mother’s Day, and she’s pregnant.” There was a girl cleaning the trays behind the counter next to him, and when James said that, her face puckered up in an “ooooooh, snap!” expression and the guy behind the counter shut up really quick.

James then said,

“That’s all I have to say, so enjoy your miserable little life now,” as he smiled, waved him off, and came back to our table.

This Mustardgate was way more interesting with a much more satisfying outcome, don’t you think?

The culprit of this fiasco.

The culprit of this fiasco.

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Diary of a Pregnancy, Part I

Missed period one day, two days. No. Could I be? Nahhhh, I can’t get pregnant. Three days, no period. Starting to get really hungry all the time. Eating ravenously. Four days…ummm, maybe I am? Ok, getting antsy here. Day five. I CAN’T STAND THE SUSPENSE! Damn, where’s the food?

Went to dollar store to pick up cheap test on advice of a friend “I had two friends use them, and they work!” Found $1 prego test. Peed on stick. Holy crap! Both lines indicate pregnancy! I’m pregnant! Must eat!

Wait. It was a crappy $1 test. Don’t get too ecstatic. Make doctor’s appointment. It’s not real until the doctor says it is.

Ok, doctor amazed the dollar store test actually works. I am pregnant!!!! Wooo-hoo! James has some mighty strong swimmers! First prenatal appointment: February 24th.

Hit the Baker’s Square restaurant afterwards to celebrate. I had the tomato basil soup, salad and french silk pie. Five hours later, suffered terrible stomach ache. Darn gall bladder-less body! Apparently, food too rich for my body to take.

Hungry, gotta pee. Damn, I’m starving! Don’t forget the prunes. You know what happens when you don’t eat the prunes!

Daily dietary journal:
Morning: 2 servings Malt-o-Meal with butter and brown sugar.
glass of milk

…Still hungry

Snack: 1 thing of orange cream yogurt
1 mango (discovered the skin tastes too peppery for me)
1 nectarine

…Still hungry

Lunch: 1 bowl leftover home made beef stew
1 bowl spinach, tomato, carrot, and celery salad with bacon ranch dressing

Still hungry
(pees again)

Snack: 1 can Healthy Choice chicken tortilla soup with bacon ranch dressing added.

Finally full
(pees yet again)

Nap: 5pm – 8:30pm
Gotta pee and feeling ravenous!

Snack: broccoli and tomatoes smothered in bacon ranch dressing
Dinner: leftover beef stew

Still hungry! Sending husband to store for chips and salsa. We’re out of salsa and I want to mix it with the bacon ranch dressing.

Damn.  Forgot the prunes.


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